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I did it off my own bat, I didn't do any courses. I listened to it every night before I went to sleep.

"I can be very tightly wound and get myself into a panicky state, I knew I couldn't get that way during labour.
"I can suffer from anxiety, particularly in new situations. I didn't want that to happen during labour. My sister's friend had just had a baby and recommended Hypnobirthing.

"Twins have a tendency to come early and in my case they did. I went into labour on last day of work [before maternity leave] … I went home and got into bed and my water broke, I was 34 weeks.

I was really calm, my husband was running around freaking out. He said I was abnormally calm. I felt in control.

"I had to have an emergency section … one of the babies was ready to go but one was in an oblique position, she was breech and got into distress. I thought, 'That's fine, let's go, let's do this.' I was offered pain relief but felt I didn't need it.

"I didn't have the gentle birth experience, but I felt in control the whole time. 

"As the girls were early they were in the special care unit. I was in the ward without them after the section. Maternity wards are really noisy – babies screaming, people getting food … I also used the relaxation tracks then.

"I was so emotional and all over the place … I was in a lot of pain and everything was really up in the air. I used the audios to block out the noise. They really helped," Sadhbh tells us.

"I went into labour at home at 1.50am. My support team was my mum and my sister. I thought, 'I'll ring them in a few hours, there's no point in us all getting no sleep.' Source: Journal.ie

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