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Hypnobirthing Online Classes

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Imagine having access in your own Online course, in the comfort and safety of your own home, at your own pace that is relaxing, and free from travel stress and time constraints. Follow through each module along with listening to Hypnotic Hypnobirthing audios. Your Online Classes are suitable, if your a FIRST time mother, second birth or last pregnancy!
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Why Attend Personalised Sessions?

grey-women-preg Personalised-one-to-one-session
Personalised session are Ideal for becoming even more confident and self assured that you have all the tools that you need for the birth of your baby! One to One also is used to eliminate any past birth trauma, so that you do not take your past experience into your birth. Sessions are also tailored to address any remaining fears so that your birth is one filled with EMPOWERMENT & POSITIVITY!

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Research of Hypnobirthing?

After-Birth Hypnobirthing-online-classes

Hypnobirthing is based on the work of Dr Grantly Dick-Read, an English physician, and whose principles are also the foundation of the National childbirth Trust (NCT).
In his book "Childbirth Without Fear", originally published in 1933, he states that:

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Hypnobirthing Online Class Benefits?

Blue-Shoes- pregnancy hypnobirthing-benefits-for-baby

Everyone can benefit from Hypnobirthing, be it your first, second or last pregnancy. Although hypnobirthing does not guarantee a perfect childbirth, it always makes a difference to release fears, reduce anxiety, thereby allowing your mind and body to work as nature intended.

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Will I Attend Antenatal Classes?

Hypnobirthing classes have elements of antenatal, however, I do recommend during pregnancy that you also attend your antenatal classes, while you prepare for childbirth, as each maternity hospital is different and has their own policies, systems and procedures.
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Hypnobirthing Classes Involve?

Breathing-techniques hypnobirthing-online-classes-aisling-killoran

Hypnobirthing techniques are deeply relaxing and enjoyable, providing you with support and confidence up to and beyond the birth of your baby. Your birthing partner will play a key role throughout your pregnancy and childbirth, something which is very lacking in other antenatal education classes.

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Am I Suitable For Hypnobirthing?

Fear-Release-techniques hypnobirthing-options-available-online

Whether you are: relaxed about birthing, want to deepen your bond with your baby afraid of giving birth want to be in control of your birth experience? then hypnobirthing classes Online are for you! Hypnobirthing techniques work very effectively with home births, water births, hospital births and birthing centres.

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What Is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing-relaxation-breathing-techniques what-is-hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing classes Online is a completely logical and extremely effective established birth preparation programme for you and your partner that lets you discover the joy and magic of birth, and is much more than just self-hypnosis or hypnotherapy.

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Scared Of Childbirth? Secret No 7 Can Help...

Kissable-Lovable-baby pregnancy-labour-birth-support

Expectations of pain are the predominant fear factor that women experience which causes excessive pain in childbirth. And yet for some women, it is manageable and enjoyable.

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Ten Common Birthing Fears & SOLUTIONS!

Baby-Boots childbirth-solutions-for-fear-and-panic

Giving birth is a monumental event in a woman's life - a cause for joy, and, in many cases, a cause for fear. It's normal to be scared in the hours before delivery, but what are the most common fears and how valid are they?

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Having a Baby Naturally - SEVEN Tips

Blonde-Women-preg natural-child-birth-options

Trained by the HypnoBirthing Institute in HypnoBirthing (the Mongan Method), Aisling provides hypnobirthing techniques Online in the safety and comfort of your own home.

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Self-Hypnosis Hypnobirthing For Births

Love-pregnancy-birth self-hypnosis-childbirth-techniques

Self-Hypnosis techniques and Hypnobirthing For Births is a Great Article On Hypnobirthing & Self-Hypnosis For Births In The Guardian. It is the alternative birth method that midwives predict will be standard antenatal practice within a decade!

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Hypnobirthing For Pain Relief

Pitter-Patter-pregnant-and-anxious hypnobirthing-for-pain-relief-through-labour

Hypnobirthing Is an Alternative To Pain Relief Techniques, where you focus on Relaxation And Self-Hypnosis In Preparation For Childbirth. More mothers are taking hypnobirthing classes online as a new way of preparing physically and mentally for their babies birth!

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Self-Hypnosis For Labour

baby-Hands-pregnant self-hypnosis-pregnancy-childbirth

Hypnosis For Labour Pain The New Trend ! The Expectation of pain is the predominant fear-factor that women experience, which actually causes excessive pain in childbirth! Self-Hypnosis For Labour can help aleviate this!

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Self Hypnosis Birth Classes Online Now

grey-women-preg self-hypnosis-birth-classes-online

The good news is that Hypnobirthing is now available in the comfort of your own home online and also in person! There are many Childbirth preparation classes available to prepare for the birth of your baby including antenatal classes.

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Hypnobirthing Classes For Pain Relief

Kissable-Lovable-baby Hypnobirthing-classes-for-pain-relief

More mothers are taking hypnobirthing classes as alternative to pain relief during labour and Popularity is down to 'word of mouth' Women are being taught deep relaxation techniques to help with the pain of labour. Maternity hospitals are reporting a significant rise in the number of women wanting to attend hypnobirthing classes.

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Home Births Can Be STRESS-Free

Blonde-Women-preg-relaxed-incontrol stress-free-child-birth-classes-online

Despite a lilting Cork accent, Wivicka O'Sullivan is Swedish. She moved to this country 15 years ago and has had all four of her children in Ireland. The first two - daughters Nola and Lyra - were born in hospital, the second two - sons Ted and Odin - were born at home.

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Birth Testimonials

Hypnobirthing stories hypnobirthing-techniques-releases-fear-worry

Aisling, we found the Hypnobirthing classes were truly invaluable in preparing for our home birth. Our daughter was indeed born at home after a smooth, non-intervention and drug-free labour. It was amazing, powerful experience.

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