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Imagine having access in your own Online course, in the comfort and safety of your own home, at your own pace that is relaxing, and free from travel stress and time constraints. Follow through each module along with listening to Hypnotic Hypnobirthing audios. Your Online Classes are suitable, if your a FIRST time mother, second birth or last pregnancy!
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Why Attend Personalised Sessions?

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Personalised session are Ideal for becoming even more confident and self assured that you have all the tools that you need for the birth of your baby! One to One also is used to eliminate any past birth trauma, so that you do not take your past experience into your birth. Sessions are also tailored to address any remaining fears so that your birth is one filled with EMPOWERMENT & POSITIVITY!

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Self-Hypnosis Hypnobirthing For Births

Love-pregnancy-birth self-hypnosis-childbirth-techniques

Self-Hypnosis techniques and Hypnobirthing For Births is a Great Article On Hypnobirthing & Self-Hypnosis For Births In The Guardian. It is the alternative birth method that midwives predict will be standard antenatal practice within a decade!

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Self-Hypnosis For Labour

baby-Hands-pregnant self-hypnosis-pregnancy-childbirth

Hypnosis For Labour Pain The New Trend ! The Expectation of pain is the predominant fear-factor that women experience, which actually causes excessive pain in childbirth! Self-Hypnosis For Labour can help aleviate this!

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Self Hypnosis Birth Classes Online Now

grey-women-preg self-hypnosis-birth-classes-online

The good news is that Hypnobirthing is now available in the comfort of your own home online and also in person! There are many Childbirth preparation classes available to prepare for the birth of your baby including antenatal classes.

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Hypnosis Before & During Childbirth Research

pregnancy-birth-Plan-birth-preferences hypnosis-for-child-birth-research

Hypnosis For Childbirth, allows both your mind and your physical body to deeply relax, not only during hypnosis sessions but also during pregnancy and birth of baby. Research studies show that the use of hypnosis for childbirth results in shorter labors, reduced use of pain medication, higher Apgar scores and reduced surgical delivery.

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Hypnobirthing Goes Mainstream

Hypnobirthing-classes-online hypnobirthing-in-marternity-hospitals-domino

The practice of using self-hypnosis and relaxation techniques during birth is gaining wider acceptance, writes Joanna Kiernan Irish Examiner. The practice of using hypnosis to ease the pain of childbirth was once reserved for only the trendiest of new-age mums! NOT ANYMORE!

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Can Hypnosis Help With Childbirth?

Look-Who-Talking hypnosis-hypnotherapy-pregnancy-labour-birth

Giving birth without pain medication or medical intervention is becoming more popular in Ireland. Women are turning to hypnosis for childbirth. Hypnosis is great preparation for childbirth, achieving a relaxed safe birth within a shorter time frame.

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Pregnant & Stressed? - Need Help

pregnant-Couple-classes-online pregnancy-support-online-classes

Stress during pregnancy can be reduced! By preparing both mentally and physically through each trimester by taking some very simple steps, after all, we have 9 months to prepare! so its best to take action as early as possible in pregnancy in order to reduce stress and manage situations as much as is humanly possible!

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